Elementary School FANLYC toy collection

Dear ISP family

We are writing on behalf of the Student Representative Council (SRC) to ask for your help in collecting gifts for children with leukemia here in Panama. We will be collecting gifts for children with charity FANLYC. These children have a serious sickness and we would like them to have a good holiday.

As many of you may already know, FANLYC is an organization that covers the cost of cancer treatment for over 900 children all over Panama. FANLYC organizes a Christmas party for the children they serve. This year, this party will take place Sunday, December 15th and at this event, each FANLYC child receives their presents.

Sadly, for some of these children, this might be their last holiday season and others have been through very hard and painful times. Here at ISP we want to contribute to this cause by having each ISP student in the Elementary School bring a new toy to share with a FANLYC friend. The gift must be new and NOT WRAPPED.

We are asking for your participation by purchasing and sending to school an unwrapped gift that will be shared with a FANLYC child. The recommended gift value is $15-$20 for the age group assigned to you. If you are a boy, send a boy gift. If you are a girl, send a girl gift.

PK3/4= age 4-6 years
K= age 5-7 years
1st grade= age 6-8 years
2nd grade= age 7-9 years
3rd grade= age 8-10 years
4th grade = age 9-11 years
5th grade= age 10 and up

We will be collecting donations starting Monday 2nd December until Thursday 12th December. Please pass these gifts to your SRC representatives who will bring them to the elementary office.

Please help us, to help them, by bringing in some gifts so that they can feel like normal kids and be happy this holiday season.


Calder,                             Jacobo,                            Juliana,                            Victoria
SRC leaders
on behalf of the Elementary School Student Representative Council

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