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Elementary School - Bringing Literature to Life

The Elementary School has spent the first weeks of 2020 celebrating books, storytelling and our imagination. During Bringing Literature to Life Grade levels choose a focus area that students were curious about. Greek Mythology, Fairytales, Poetry, Author studies, STEAM challenges and mystery readers all transported our students to another dimension! Here is a little video from Grade 3 about why they think literature is so important for us. 
Niall de Burca, one of Ireland's finest traditional storytellers was also present entertaining students, teachers and parents with his traditional but modernised traditional tales from around the world.  Niall was very popular with all members of our community during his visit and there has been a real buzz about students telling stories to each other. Thank you to the 25 parents who took part in Niall's session for parents, that took place on Thursday.
Thursday saw the annual Character Parade. This year was a different location on the ES field in order to give students the opportunity to see each of the wonderful characters that the students were dressed in. There were so many great costumes on display. Click here to watch a short video that captures some of the fun and that took place. It was great to see so many parents here for the parade. We really value you support!