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Hot Sauce Club Branches Out

The Hot Sauce Club,  which meets on Thursdays in the cafeteria, is a place for lovers of all things fiery to share the passions and swap their favorite sauces.  This past Thursday the club added a new dimension with a jar of grasshoppers in chili sauce.   Students and teachers are encouraged to seek out new hot sauces as they travel around the world and so the chapulines were picked up in Oaxaca, Mexico by Mr. Mattiace.   The club also featured a new sauce from Puerto Rico, brought back by the Head of Security,  Mr. Cruz.    
The whole point of the Hot Sauce Club is for students to mingle and meet others. The seed for the idea was planted by grade 11 student Skyler M.  who brought his own homemade salsa to class one day.  It was such a big hit, and so obvious that it was something many people shared, that the club was born. 
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