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Tik Tok Trivia

By now, nearly every teenager has heard about or watched a TikTok, the latest social media video sharing and liking service. Several ISP students, in fact, are mini -celebrities on TikTok with one student receiving over 900,000 views on her video.   So, recognizing the power and popularity of TikTok, the high school Student Council created a Jeopardy style TikTok Trivia game at lunch. 
There were 5 categories with questions that required actions like reproducing one of the famous TikTok dance moves, or questions about popular songs used to dub over videos. Teams were made up of reps from each of the four classes, with the Grade 10s taking home the candy prize. 
Events like these are part of Student Council's mission to provide fun and entertaining activities for the student body, but also get students to interact in new ways with new groups of people. It continues the spirit of Breaking Down the Walls.