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Spirit Week - Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February

Join in celebrating all the reasons that #ThereIsNoPlaceLikeISP

February 17: Pajama Day!
Be compassionate with yourself. We look after the planet as well as we look after each other. Come dressed in comfortable and cozy PJ’s so you can feel relaxed and enjoy the day. #WeAreCompassionate
February 18: Sports Day!
Let’s be adventurous. What sports teams or sports do you like? Bring a shirt of any team or sport - football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, hockey, fishing, cricket, skiing… Bring it on! #WeAreAdventurous
February 19: Wacky Wednesday!
Be authentic and wear your best wacky-unique-special-crazy outfit! Crazy hair, funny pants, hats… Make it fun! Celebrate who you are and let your personality shine!
February 20: Role Model!
Dress up as someone who is a role model in your life and show everyone how principled you are. Scientists, artists, writers, athletes, dancers, rock stars!
February 21: Fun in the Sun!
Let’s celebrate the start of the carnival break! Be joyful and dress ready for some serious fun in the sun. Please remember to bring sunscreen, hat, water bottle, etc.

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