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Eco- mini Summit makes connections with documentary

On Monday, a group of young scientists, sustainable tourism researchers, and climate activists came to ISP to network with our environmental programs.  The group, known as Oceania Mar Azul, started off in Spain and is sailing around the world to document the effects of climate change and to bring together global climate activists in a giant network. Having sailed to the Canary Islands, then Cabo Verde, the boat crossed the Atlantic to Puerto Rico and then the Dominican Republic.  When they arrived in Panama they were networked to ISP based on the work our school has been doing from the  Five Year Green Plan to the campaign to become the first Eco certified school in Central America.   During 4th block they presented to Ms. Gondola and Dr. Barrett's IB Environmental Science classes, then during lunch an Eco Mini-Summitt put the group (known as the "Odsiders" in a room with members of the high school Sustainability Club, Eco-Leaders, Eco-School, and the student coordinators of the Eco-Committee.  Seven middle school students were also invited to come, along with parents who are members of the PTA Eco-Committee and the Eco-ISP chat.  The activists and ISP students shared ideas and challenges on the road to sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions.  The discussion was energetic, and ISP students definitely impressed the Odsiders with the range of projects and campaigns already underway or in effect.  And there is so much more to come.  You can learn more about the Oceania Mar Azul Odsiders here, and if you are interested in learning more about the work ISP is doing, or adding your voice to the mix, contact our Sustainability Coordinator, Dr. Nikki Barratt at  or the student chair of the Eco-Committee, Isabella Hietavirta at  
Eco Mini- Summit at lunch
Both ESS classes in the PAC for the presentation.
Odsiders meeting with ISP Eco clubs.