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At ISP we define learning as a process that leads to a sustained and demonstrable consolidation or extension of conceptual understanding, competencies, or character. The goal of this handbook is to clarify how we will continue our learning environment online.   School closure is a challenging time for all members of the ISP community and is also an opportunity to show our learning in a different way. Ensuring continuity is our highest priority. At these times it is important to reflect upon our ISP character profile and consider how these traits support our endeavor to continue providing high quality learning experiences.


We are principled

We are adventurous

We are independent

We approach online learning with integrity, dedication and a high level of academic honesty.

We embrace online learning as a new path to challenge our learning.

We self advocate, think critically and reflect about our online learning experience.

This document details procedures for continuity of instruction in the event of school closure. Included are expectations and best practices for students and families.

On Line Learning Handbook 2020