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PTA Message

Dear Friends,  


It is with great joy that the PTA has worked this year to help support our children and the ISP community.  In light of the current global circumstances of CoVID 19, our elected officers have decided to suspend all PTA activities until after April 13th. While no one is happy to announce that we will postpone the awarding of grants, and officially cancel this year’s Family Fun Fair, we feel that our priorities have shifted and new challenges and opportunities have arisen. In order to allow for all families to focus on their priorities right now, we will postpone our planning / activities and optimistically look forward to returning to more normal circumstances.


Please continue to share and support one another with extra love and attention in these new days of adjustment to social distancing. Our PTA slogans of the past two years "It's not about me, it's about us" and "Together we have super powers" are even more relevant in this new period of adjustment to social distancing.


Sharing a smile, virtual hug, and positive vibes with this slideshow showing some of the great times together this year....