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ISP CARE day this Friday March 27th


As the situation outside our homes is steadily changing and a sense of anxiety and discomfort is increasing, we and other PAIS (Panamanian Association of International Schools) are seeing an increased need for self care as a way to help our community. For this reason we will be dedicating Fridays to the four CARE areas. The first being this Friday, March 27. The change is a response to students, parent and teacher feedback.  We are encouraging you to do two things: 


  1. Engage with the self-care menu at your own pace:

The four subjects we will be studying as a school on Friday are Calm, Art, Reading and Exercise (CARE). ISP counselors have prepared the CARE menu for you to choose from to guide your own learning.  You can complete any of these voluntary activities either alone or as a family, or use this time to catch up on academic work. During this time of great uncertainty, we know how important it is to care for ourselves and others, so I hope you enjoy the choices provided.


  1. Connect with your community by sending your 10 second video: Hey ISP LOOK AT ME! 

Please watch this video to see how students can share their performing arts and athletic progress with our ISP community audience. Many events have been postponed or cancelled, so help us in reminding our athletes and performers that we still see them! You can send your child’s 10 second video to to have it posted on our Instagram accounts, or the older students with their own account can post it themselves with parental consent with #heyisplookatme. 


Be sure to follow us on Instagram @isparts @ispathletics @isppanama to check out all of the great performances that we will be sharing. 

Hey ISP Look at Me!