The 'E' in 'PE'

It has been interesting to observe how different PE teachers, PE departments, schools and countries have responded to the challenges of online learning and (still to come, for us) those of social distancing when returning to campus. 
The role of Physical Activity (PA) in our lives while constrained physically cannot be underrated. There are plentiful YouTubers providing engaging and beneficial PA at this time. However, PE is much more than a dose of PA for health.  

Quality PE is about capability building for well-being. PE teachers at ISP have risen to the challenge of online learning. In early May, Ms. Nancy's 6th grade class completed their 76 page Recipe Book full of Healthy Breakfast ideas. 
Ms. Nancy's 7th grade classes developed a Recipe Book full of Healthy Snack ideas (such as the strawberry, pineapple smoothie picture included here).
Students are learning about the role of diet, sleep and rest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle at such a critical time. The process of discovery, research, practice and analysis has challenged many of the students out of their comfort zones.
The outcome included some delicious options such as Ignacio's 'Eggs, Apple, Passion fruit, Toast and Broccoli' (pictured) with the description of "eating healthy is important because eating healthy can help you fight disease; also, fruits have different priorities for helping the body."