Middle School Celebrates Character and Academics in End of Year Award Celebration

On June 5th, the Middle School will host their award celebration in which students are celebrated for their achievements both inside and outside of the classrooms. In addition to celebrating academic success, the Middle School will also be celebrating students who demonstrated growth academically, students who exemplify the ISP Character Profile on a daily basis, and the top honor for the event, the ISP Top Dolphin.

  • Academic Awards - Students will earn this award for academic achievement and/or growth in a specific subject area

  • ISP Character Profile Awards - Students will earn this award for exemplifying the character traits in the ISP Character Profile (Principled, Joyful, Authentic, Adventurous, Compassionate, Independent) over the course of the entire year

  • Top Dolphin - Student has demonstrated academic excellence, exemplifies the ISP Character Profile, and is involved in the community 

While Academic Awards will be decided by teachers, the ISP Character Profile Awards and Top Dolphin Award will be voted on by both students, teachers, and staff.


We hope to see you join us for this celebration on Friday, June 5th!

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