Dolphins Amplified

As we continue to grow our Dolphins Amplified series, we are experimenting with new ways to learn, grow, and share together.  This week a group of parents and faculty members had the pleasure of receiving an interactive working session with coach and author Denise Dziwak, themed around  Redefining Success For Working Parents in Times of Crisis.  The group spent an hour together on Zoom exploring their personal and professional victories and challenges. 

“It was especially exciting that it was an interactive working session.... It was powerful and important for parents to have a dedicated space and time for sharing with and supporting each other,” said one participant.  Although you will not get the benefit of the interaction, the recording will help you focus on priorities and perspectives to turn difficult days into successful ones. You can view the recording here. 


Denise extends her thanks to all participants and has offered several great gifts to this group, which she has decided to offer to our entire community. You can access a chance to win her book, daily planner, and special offer through this link: so that we can all  REDEFINE SUCCESS IN OUR DAILY LIVES.