Important Yearbook Information

We know the value of keeping memories of your life at ISP. This year has been the Online School Year and our 2019-2020 yearbook could not be different. We are very happy to share with you the first ISP Digital School Yearbook  use code ISP2020. You will have the opportunity to flip and live again wonderful moments of this School Year and watch videos like Graduation, Athletics Gala, Matilda among other joyful moments.
Next week beginning Wednesday all elementary families can pick up their hard copy. Pick up hours will be defined by your cedula number. If you are picking up the yearbook of a Middle School or High School student and you have a child in PK-5 you may also receive the yearbook for that student. If you ordered and paid for an extra yearbook you will also be able to pick it up. We also want to remind you of the following:
  • 6th to 12th Grade Students. Each Middle School  & High School student will receive a hard copy of the yearbook.
  • PK3 to 5th Students. They will also receive a hard copy of the School Yearbook, but if the family has more than 1 children enrolled in PK3 to 5th Grade and no children in Middle and/or High School, the Yearbook will be given to the eldest child, meaning these families will only receive 1 yearbook.

Need to correct the data or your photo is missing on the Digital Yearbook?

Fill this form by Thursday, June 18th to add missing students or make corrections to the digital yearbook. Click here to fill in the form.

You may approach the security guard, he will have the list for the yearbook delivery.

We hope you enjoy it with your family