MS You've got Summer Mail from Vickie Swan

Dear Middle School Families, 

As we wrap up the 2019-20 school year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the power of our words:

Good morning, Dolphins! 

Hello, Sunshine! 


Don’t be sorry, be responsible.

Be the reason someone smiles today! 

These are a few things you’ve seen and heard from me over the years. When you hear these words, they may spark certain emotions or feelings, possibly joy, sadness, fear, or excitement. But, what about the word WONDER? When you hear the word WONDER, what emotions, thoughts, or feelings does it spark? For me, it makes me feel there is an endless opportunity to learn, grow, and inquire - which is such a beautiful feeling. 


As a middle school, there are many things to wonder about, and that’s what makes our Middle School such an amazing place to be. For example, I wonder where each of you will be and what you’ll be doing a decade from now. Still in Panama or on the other side of the planet? Sailing around the world for a cause like Greta?  I wonder how your participation in middle school service projects will sculpt your passions to help others. I wonder how what you’ve learned in your classes will guide and inspire you to do something you love. I wonder if I’ll see one of you on the International Space Station. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder….  


Again, there are many things to WONDER about, and it’s this curiosity that makes the middle school years such a special time. You’re not only allowed, but encouraged to WONDER - to wonder about how your words impact others, how your actions can make a positive change both locally and globally, how you can experiment with a variety of activities until you find the one or two you are truly passionate about. 

As we wrap up another year, I encourage you to take time to WONDER – wonder how a good book ends, wonder why a structure is shaped the way it is, wonder why certain experiences make you feel a certain way,.....  just wonder for the sake of wondering. 

As I transition from ISP to Taiwan in the coming weeks, I hope my new school will allow me a similar space to wonder alongside a community as amazing as ISP’s. I will always cherish and hold dear the energy, enthusiasm and kindness that was evident each and every day. A sincere thanks to each of you for making this such a special place.


Congratulations on your accomplishments this year, on the growth you have made both academically, physically, and spiritually, and remember, the one thing you can always do no matter where we are or what the world throws our way, is WONDER. 



Ms. Vickie Swann

Middle School Principal