You've got summer mail from Rosa and Gibzka

Dear ISP Parents,


As our school year comes to a close, we look back at the many challenges we, as a community, have had to face this year. The global situation has definitely changed our daily lives and has forced us to change our daily routines. During this time, we’ve all had to make use of our creativity, time management skills and the exploration of new abilities in order to keep our families safe. We’re now more resilient than ever.  

As the summer approaches, I want to encourage you to continue being vigilant. We are up against a faceless enemy and we cannot let our guard down. Please continue taking care of your family units by maintaining health and hygiene protocols in place at your home, wearing face masks whenever you leave the safety of your house and keeping socially distanced from others.

Enjoy your family time this summer. We hope to see you soon!

ISP Nursing Team

Nurses Rosa and Gibzka


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