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Middle School Focused on Building Community over First Week

Over the course of the first week in school, Middle School students have spent time reconnecting after our summer break, building relationships, and establishing a strong ISP community on our new virtual campus. On the first two days of school, students spent much time in their advisory group where they had a chance to get to know a small set of classmates in a fun, safe, and collaborative environment. During these advisory sessions, students shared their story, their values, their passions, and their identity through a number of activities including Aliens have Landed and designing a Virtual Locker. On Wednesday, students also had the chance to spend time in “Campfire Groups”, a smaller group of classmates designed as a time to have more in-depth discussions focused on who were are as people and as a community.


In addition to building community in our advisory groups, students have spent time in their individual classes getting to know each other, learning about their teachers, and setting goals, norms, and expectations for the upcoming year!


We are excited to share more information about all of the incredible things happening in the Middle School during our Virtual Open House on Wednesday, September 9th at 2 pm!