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ES News

Wednesday, September 16: Elementary School Open House @ 2:00 p.m.


We have made it through our first full week!  This is no small task for our young learners, and we continue to thank you for your partnership in this process of teaching and learning while in a remote learning environment.  We hope you have enjoyed your meetings with teachers, and look forward to welcoming all families at our Back to School Open House on September 16.  


As our students become more and more familiar with our online platforms, they have shown an eagerness to dive deeply into the next phase of their learning.  We look forward to launching core academic units, as students jump into those critical thinking opportunities presented through math, literacy, social studies or science. 


Friday, September 4 @ 9:00am: Our new principal, Joyce Mininger, will be hosting an informal Principal’s Coffee on Friday, which you can join using this link (Google Meet). This will be a thirty minute opportunity to get to know one another a bit and answer any of those initial questions that have arisen in these first weeks. Joyce looks forward to meeting many of you. 


Google Meets: All K-5 students will be using Google Meets, often multiple times a day.  Our older students can do this seamlessly, often far more quickly than any of us.  Our younger Dolphins are still learning.  Our Ms. Pat Cruz has made this video to help Pre-K and ES students log into their Google Meets.  It will also assist with gridview, tagging your teacher, and other useful tips. You can find the presentation here, and make sure you watch the video on the second-to-last slide.

Google meet


Seesaw: Though Seesaw is used as the primary “classroom” for K-2, it is also the platform used for all Specials, Spanish, and support classes K-5.  This means all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students need to have logged into their Seesaw accounts, and check them daily.  Parents also have Seesaw access, and one important piece of clarification is students use Seesaw CLASS and parents use Seesaw FAMILY.  Just to keep us on our toes!  Mr. Joel Bevans has put together a quick one minute video tutorial on how to access the various classes a student has in Seesaw.  


Many thanks to our staff, students, and families for your patience and dedication throughout this very unusual start of our school year.  We are excited to see the exploration and inquiry this blended learning model lends itself to throughout the quarter!