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High School Athletic Council Launches

This September saw the launch of ISP’s first ever Athletic Council. For a few years now, we have had a female and a male ‘Athletic Liaison’ as part of the Student Council structure. This year’s representatives had the innovative idea of creating an ‘Athletic Council’ to ensure that the voice and ideas of student leaders across all seven sports could be fostered. Not only did they have the idea; but they were able to bring the idea to fruition during the first three weeks of the school year! Students were able to apply for positions, take a prerequisite leadership course through the NFHS, and then representatives were selected from each sport. Our Athletic Liaisons are now working with the Athletic Council on continuing the #myreasonwhy social media strategy alongside the Athletic Department and the council are developing a series of monthly guest Athlete webinars to share their experiences and motivate our HS student athletes. It is amazing to see what initiatives our students are capable of when empowered! Remember to follow @ISPAthletics on Instagram