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Elementary School Adventures Continue!

Elementary School Adventures Continue!


Back To School

Open House: Our big event is Wednesday, September 14th from 2:00-3:00pm, and we look forward to seeing each of you in some capacity as we all celebrate our first weeks of being together. We know many of you have countless questions about how academic units will unfold, and this is an opportunity to have all those questions answered.  Our virtual open house has multiple components, combining both asynchronous (pre-recorded and on your own time) information and synchronous (live and all together) opportunities.  Just like your children get every day! Please watch for an email from Joyce on Tuesday, September 15 with all necessary links.

  • Whole School Welcome: This will come to you asynchronously in video form on Tuesday, September 14, led by ES leadership, and introducing the counseling staff, our learning support team, and our specialists.
  • Grade Team Presentation: This will take place from 2:00-2:30, and is the key opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the first quarter’s learning in math, reading, writing, and social studies or science.  Links for these grade level presentations will be included in Tuesday’s email.
  • Homeroom Live Meet: Join your child’s teacher, learning assistant, EAL teacher, and classmates as you develop a deeper understanding of the daily routines, importance of morning meeting, and pose questions about areas that remain perplexing in week three. These links will also be sent on the email on Tuesday.
  • Spanish Teachers Office Hours: Spanish teachers will be in an open Meet from 2:00-4:00pm, and you are welcome to pop in as time permits.

Specials Landing Pages: Is there still confusion around your child’s afternoon activities in PE, music, art, library, and drama?  Have no fear!  Our incredible Specials Team has developed landing pages for each of their classes.  This is a spot where you go to find the asynchronous activity to compliment the synchronous session each week. These are posted in homeroom daily schedules, but just in case you have not located them, you can find them here:


Synchronous Lessons

Asynchronous Lessons

Art (2nd - 5th)

Ms. Mirtie

Art Room 2-5 Ms. Mirtie

Arts Integration (K-1) 

Ms. Cruz

Kinder Art Integration 

1st Art Integration


Ms. Kathryn

Kinder-1st Drama Landing Page

2nd-3rd Drama Landing Page

4th-5th Drama Landing Page

Library (K-1)

Ms. Menitza

Library K-1 Menitza

Library (2-5)

Ms. Nuri

Library 2 Ms. Nuri

Library 3 Ms. Nuri

Library 4-5 Ms. Nuri


Mr. Santiago

Music Room K-1

Music Room 2-3

Music Room 4-5


Ms. Judy

PE K-1-2 Ms Judy

PE 3-4-5 Ms Judy


Mr. Fernando

PE K-1-2 Mr Fernando

PE 3-4-5 Mr Fernando

Panama Flag

Weekly Flag Ceremonies: These launch every Monday morning by 8:00am in each child’s homeroom - Seesaw or Google Classroom.  We are always looking for brave and eager students to share their learning, or lead the Juramento de La Bandera. Please contact Mr. Dan at to find opportunities for your child to shine.


Next Parent Coffee: Many thanks to those who joined us on Friday, September 4. Those present agreed that Friday, September 25 would be a great day for a next visit.  This Is an informal opportunity to just talk through some of the joys and concerns you all are experiencing as you balance this crazy phase of remote learning.  You can join using this link, and this time we will go an hour, 8:30-9:30am.