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ISP makers are always a step ahead

For several years, we have been promoting “The Maker Culture " at the High School Tech lab, teaching physical computing, and encouraging our students to use the knowledge acquired in class to design solutions for real-world problems.

Our school has achieved great milestones in this regard, from the world science and engineering fair, to seeing our students provide support to engineers and companies from several countries on how to implement advanced physical computing projects.  

Once again our Tech Lab has been internationally acknowledged.  ISP has become the first school in Latin America to implement the Arduino Education curriculum as a regular technology class.   To achieve this, we worked throughout the summer managing the logistics and training to earn this prestigious certification. Now, the HS Tech Lab has become an international reference center.  Many of our projects are built using the Arduino platform.  Arduino is a leading electronics company that promotes an open resource culture and is widely used for electronics and engineering projects. 

Each student participating in this class will receive at home the Arduino Student Kit, which contains a microcontroller, circuit board, and electronic components; which allows us to deliver hands-on classes even from a distance.  

The class is Project Based Learning oriented and as final assessment for the semester, students will design a solution for a problem on our campus. 

If you want more details about this program, please feel free to contact Mr. Rios