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High School New Attendance Notifications for Parents

New Attendance Notifications


Teachers have taken attendance for decades, but the challenges of tracking students during online learning is fraught with challenges. There are occasional tech problems and outages, so some students never “arrive” to class...Sometimes, students appear in class, but turn off their cameras and become non-responsive to the teachers’ prompts (this behavior is called ghosting). We are all working hard to address these behaviors and ensure accurate student attendance records. And, we are also enhancing our communication with you, parents, when there are emerging or chronic attendance issues related to your child and his/her learning.


On Wednesday, September 23, we activated our automatic alert system in RenWeb, and some parents received an initial email about their child’s attendance history since the start of the semester. Some may have been surprised to learn how many tardies or absences their child has already accumulated.


From this point forward, our system will automatically send emails to you from the High School Office when your child has been:


  • absent from his / her first two periods of the school day
  • tardy 3+ times to the same class
  • absent (unexcused) 3+ times to the same class
  • absent 3+ days since the start of the semester (Note: When a student misses two periods or more on the same day we mark that child “absent for the day.”)


For parents, we ask that you please email the HS Office at when your child is sick, attending an external appointment, or facing wifi challenges. By taking this essential step, we can then adjust your child’s attendance record and inform teachers. Please note that we are only able to categorize such absences as “excused” if parents -- not students -- write directly to the HS Office. 


If you have questions about attendance, please contact David Letiecq, HS Assistant Principal at