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Elementary School Spotlight on Learning

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Open House Welcome Video from ES Leadership Team

Did you miss our Open House welcome? Dan Cozelman, Joel Bevans, and Joyce Mininger give you an overview of teaching and learning in our elementary blended learning model right here. If you were not able to join either the grade level or homeroom meet for your child, please email their homeroom teacher for the recording.

Social Study

Spotlight on Social Studies

As we enter our second month of blended learning, it is time to take a minute to look at the fabulous growth that is taking place in our K-4 classrooms around social studies (do not worry, we will highlight 5th grade science on October 9). Social studies is a fantastic opportunity for our students to really dig deeply using the inquiry cycle, as they take the big ideas and seek areas of exploration and extension based on sparked curiosity.  Seeing each of these units allows our ISP community to recognize the sequence in which our curriculum units build on each other from one grade level to the next.

  • Kindergarten: As kindergarten students become familiar with this new world of learning, they will develop a budding understanding of who they are, as well as personal and cultural identity.  
  • Grade 1: Parents interviewed students, as our first graders begin to think through how we all have unique life stories that shape our identity.
  • Grade 2: Mapping their home was a massive undertaking this week, as second grade students begin to understand how maps and globes help us navigate the world. 
  • Grade 3: Third graders have virtually visited Buckingham Palace, and have begun filling their passports as they tackle their continued understanding of the nature of culture. 
  • Grade 4: Taking on the role of the reporter, fourth grade students interviewed family members to hear their stories of migration, as they develop an understanding of the forces that impact human relocation.
Balanced Literacy Presentation

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Balanced Literacy Presentation

If you were not able to join us on Thursday for Mr. Joel Bevans’ presentation on Balanced Literacy in the early years, you can catch it right here. The powerpoint, which he goes over in detail in the presentation, has some great resources and links.  Please continue to add puzzling questions to our padlet as you assist your child in their budding literacy skills.  Joel will make sure he replies to those questions as they arise. 

School Year Plans

School Year Plans for Parents (by grade level) 

Last week at Open House we shared with you the school year learning that is ahead in every grade level.  Please click on the links below for the big ideas for each unit of learning in the elementary school. If you are interested in the more specific unit overviews, please make sure you request that of your child’s homeroom teacher.  


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Tools for parents

Tools for Parents to Support Their Child: Week 1 of 3

How can we support our children at home? This is the first session of three as we look at ways in which we can empower our children as learners to support their learning.  This week we look at Growth Mindset, What Makes You Say That? and Challenge, Don’t Rescue.  The ideas are based on the work of Ron Ritchart "10 Apps for Parents" from Making Thinking Visible and Creating Cultures of Thinking.  To access some of the resources mentioned in the video click on the link here.