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Message from our PTA

On behalf of the 2020/2021 PTA Elected Officers we would like to give thanks to the entire ISP community for their support on the recent elections that took place on September 23rd, 2020. This was the first online voting and the year in the history of ISP where we got most of the votes. We are excited to help and support teachers, parents and staff with our time and effort. Those who work in the PTA are volunteers who dedicate personal time to work for the school, supporting school activities.

In this period that we are off campus we have few committees active and functioning, many committees support the logistics of events at the school.

We also work a lot with our class representatives that through the chats keep the ISP community informed.
In the ISP calendar the dates of the general meetings of each month are published and the access link is shared through the class chats. We will try to improve the dissemination of the access link to the general meetings.

We invite everyone to join the PTA-Intercultural Whatsapp group, which is our social interaction group click here to join.
Please stay tuned for webinar series offered by PTA-Dolphins Amplified as they will begin soon.