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Being an Upstander in the Middle School

This month the Middle School is celebrating inclusion and equality through a few special initiatives. We officially launched the Pink Shirt Friday anti bullying initiative during our assembly this week with a reminder for students about the importance of being an upstander rather than a bystander. 



From October 21-23, 54 Middle School students will represent ISP at this year's PANAMUN virtual conference where the theme is “The Power of Story: Raising Voices, Inspiring Change.” In support of their work and our commitment to empowering global students to create positive change in their communities, we will be engaging in a cross curricular project in advisories during those days. The theme for our project is aligned with PANAMUN and addresses Sustainable Development Goal #10 - Reducing Inequalities. Through exploring global issues of inequality, engaging in respectful dialogue, and working together to educate and advocate through group projects, we hope to inspire students toward building a better story for our future.