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Elementary School Students Continue to SHOW What They KNOW!

Report card

Quarter One Report Cards

We have already found ourselves approaching the end of quarter one, and wrapping up the first segment of our year’s teaching and learning.  Report cards will come to you electronically Friday, October 23, so you are prepared and ready for conferences the following week.  We are excited about some changes to the report card that better reflect a) our current blended learning model, b) the foundation of inquiry based learning at ISP, and c) data gathered through performance tasks completed by your child(ren) as they engage with their learning.  You will see the priority standards for each subject area, a class comment about the big ideas of the learning this quarter, and your student’s progress in that specific area.  Our goal is that this reporting serves as clear and reflective communication with you about your child’s growth as a learner.






Student Conferences

Conferences will be held in 20 minute increments the week of October 26-30.  The purpose of fall conferences is to highlight student learning, set goals for quarter two, and offer an opportunity for you to ask any questions. This is a wonderful time for the student, parent, and teacher to collaborate around your child’s learning.  Watch for a Sign Up Genius to come around next week.  We will have separate conference times for Spanish and Specials (PE, music, library, drama, technology) and invite you to sign up for a time on October 30 - again, watch for the Sign Up Genius next week.  Reminder: All day Friday, October 30 is dedicated to conferences, so students will not have classes or new assignments.



Highlighting Spectacular Scientists!

Our fifth grade students have tackled the question of change, and how evidence supports change over time. They have studied the properties of matter, and are now in the thick of the scientific process as they observe physical and chemical changes in matter over time.  How many of you remember putting mentos in coke?  Well, our fifth grade parents are well aware of what happens during that experiment this week...I hope all our students were able to find an outside space to observe that one!


Supplies to Students

Our PK-1st grade students were ecstatic to get a Dolphin backpack filled with learning materials. Teachers were equally thrilled to meet their students and parents face-to-face, even from afar.  Many thanks to our ISP operations team for getting bags ready and the distribution area set up on a very rainy day!




Tools for Parents to Support Their Child: Week 2 of 3

How can we support our children at home? This is the second session of three as we look at ways in which we can empower our children as learners to support their learning.  This week we consider What Questions Did You Ask Today?, Focus on the Learning vs Work and Supporting Your Child in Arguing Effectively and Persuasively  The ideas are based on the work of Ron Ritchart "10 Apps for Parents" from Making Thinking Visible and Creating Cultures of Thinking.  To access some of the resources mentioned in the video click on the link here.