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Look at what students are doing in ASAs!

  • In Making the Beat students have been finding out how music is divided, measuring beats and tempos. Students have already created their own hip hop, electronic and reggaeton beats! 
  • In Mandarin, students have been able to learn the origin of Chinese culture and also Pinyin, numbers, years, days of the week, months, dates and greetings. 
  • Arts Blast students have been able to create paper Molas, pencil holders, Brito inspired hearts, and other creations. 
  • In Robotikits students have been building robots that work with solar energy (we need the cloudy days to go away to repower our Robots!). 
  • Students in the ISP Cinema ASA have seen how to use light, shooting angles, and how to make a script, and also debate various movie titles from the perspective of film and production.
  • Dolphin films have experienced the process of creating sounds as they do on the big screen.
  • And finally in Let’s Dance, students have learned different dance genres such as Urban, Jazz, Latin Jazz and Salsa.

It has been a very interesting first few weeks for the students and they are ready to continue on their adventure of fun and learning in these next weeks.