ISP Launches Character Profile

We strive for students to learn the most they can each and every day, but we strive for more than this. Learning at ISP goes beyond course content, concepts and skills.


A team came together to inquire into key questions: what - at the end of a child's time at ISP - do we hope they have become? What should they most value? What do we hope will have most deeply characterized their experiences?


Shawn Colleary, ISP's Director of Teaching and Learning, summed up the project: "What we hope is that as our graduates walk across the stage they portray and have obtained these traits. If that's the case, we as a community can stand proud as to who our ISP graduates have become."


Through integration into core curricula, advisories and special events, teachers at all divisions are working to ensure that students are living these character traits each and every day. Students are exposed to all of these values, but individual students gravitate towards specific traits.


For example, 6th grade students reflected on those traits that most closely define them. Lola C. wrote: "I am joyful because I think you should always look at the bright side of everything.  am always joyful to come to ISP." Isabella M. finds adventure being at an International School and meeting students from all over the world and in "visiting and learning about new places. Elisa B. chose compassionate "because it is very important to understand how people are feeling so you can help them if you can."


We look forward to many additional opportunities to explore these defining character traits as we further explore them this year and moving forward.