Middle School get ready for a month full of wellness!

How can you effectively manage stress? How can you practice mindfulness?  How do we resist peer pressure? How do we stay away from the dangers of alcohol and other drugs? These are some of the questions that our Middle School students will be reflecting on during the month of September.

Being healthy is not only about eating well, sleeping and doing physical exercise. It is also about being grateful, being positive and being mindful


Our students will be exposed to these topics through advisory lessons and through different activities offered by parent volunteers.  This year, we looked into our community talents who could share valuable tools and information with our students.

Special thanks to our PTA president and Middle School PTA Reps for reaching out to the parent community and to the parents that will be sharing their skills and knowledge. Presenter include: Christa Eyl (Kick Boxing), Sofi Dayan  (Preparing a Fun and Healthy Snack), Marjan Harbison (Mindful Eating and Mindful Practice), Denise Menestrey (Pilates) and Maria Reddie (Being authentic-October).

As part of our ongoing commitment to prevention and wellness, we have invited prevention specialists from FCD Prevention Works to join our community during the week of September 24th.  

A part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, FCD is a non-profit organization that provides substance abuse prevention services for schools. Since 1976, they have taught over a million students of all ages. Their mission is to:

* Encourage and support the non-use of alcohol and other illegal or illicit drugs during the growing years.

* Empower young people to make healthy, responsible choices regarding alcohol and other drug use

* Teach students and adults how to recognize the early warning signs of substance abuse and to intervene appropriately

* Educate students, parents, teachers, and administrators on the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs

* Promote awareness of drug addiction, including alcoholism, as a progressive, chronic, and often fatal disease

* Provide educational communities with the guidance and training necessary to implement comprehensive, effective approaches to substance abuse prevention.

FCD prevention specialists are highly trained professionals who have achieved healthy recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions. This unique perspective enhances the credibility of their message and provides students with role models for happy, healthy, drug-free living. The FCD prevention specialist will present a parent workshop to offer support and guidance in helping your children enjoy a drug-free adolescence. Some of the topics to be addressed include:

* Effective ways to communicate with your child about drugs and drug use

* Up-to-date facts about current drug use and trends

* What to say about your own experiences with alcohol and/or drug experimentation

* How to spot early warning signs of use and effective ways to respond.

This program presents a perfect opportunity for discussing alcohol and other drug-related issues with your children. Parental involvement is crucial to our efforts to reduce the risks teenagers face. We want our students to hear from both school and home that we are concerned about alcohol, nicotine, and other drug use by adolescents, and that we are committed to keeping our children safe.

There will also be a parent session on September 27th at 8:00 a.m. at the PAC, we look forward to having you there.