After the bell - Beyond the school day

The After School Activities (ASA) and Athletics programs have seen drastic growth over the past five years. Programs are now maturing and there is a focus on the quality of our programs rather than the quantity of programs at this stage. One priority for ISP families is for their children to pursue their love of learning in various activities after school. For this semester we have the following participation rates:
  • Elementary School: 325 students participating out of 469 students in K-5 (69%) 
    *PK not included since ASAs don't apply to them
  • Middle School: 172 students participating out of 245 students in 6-8 (70%)
  • High School: 165 students participating out of 358 students in 9-12 (46%)
    *Note that the HS figures do not include the many after school Clubs run (e.g. Knowledge Bowl) or Visual and Performing Arts activities (e.g. Shrek)