Can you host a musical guest?

ISP is proud to be hosting The Association of Music in International Schools, or AMIS for short, in May 2019 for a festival of choral and band music making.  This is a high profile event and will be attended by schools from around the world.
We are seeking host families who would be prepared to offer a bed to a visiting students for three or four nights of the festival.  Transport to and from your home is provided for the student, and most meals will take place at school.  It doesn't matter if your own children are taking part or not, and our visitors will not be expecting en suite luxury - a blow up mattress will do!
Being able to share our amazing facilities and music department with an organisation like AMIS and a host of other schools is one of the ways that ISP becomes outstanding.  Please help this event to become all about us as a whole school community - and make some new friends in the process!
If you require further information, you can contact Ms. Ameila Allred and Mr. Ibsen Rosales or sign up via the form to let us know you can host.  Thank you!

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