Celebrating Middle School Honor Roll Students

It is wonderful to work at a school where all students find the opportunity to be honored. It is a particular privilege to take a few moments out of the school year each semester to honor those students who have gone above and beyond academic expectations. 
This year, the Middle School was introduced to the broader significance of these achievements through speeches by our PTA director Leslie Gross and school director Viki Stiebert. Following this, Middle School principal Vickie Swann discussed the connection between a strong foundation and solid achievements. 
This event meant a great deal to the faculty and administration, but was also a meaningful event for students to be involved in. 
Grade 7 student Martin C reflected that "being on the honor roll was about hard work and dedication, but also about having a passion for learning."
Victoria A. added that "it was great to see all the effort we put into our school work result in a great event where many people could celebrate with us."
Finally Celeste J. noted that "hard work is being reflected. It's not only a prize. It's more of a celebration where all of our effort together is shown."
We look forward to seeing how these continued efforts pay off with great achievements moving forward.