High School Honor Roll Ceremony

On September 5th, the HS recognized 114 students in Grades 10,11,and 12 who received academic honors in the previous semester.  9th Graders were recognized by the Middle School because their courses were in 8th grade.  To achieve Director's List the students had to have a minimum of 7 classes with no more than 2 grades of B, the rest A. To achieve Academic Recognition the students had to have the same requirement, but no more than 4 B's.  HS Principal Eric Monson gave an interactive speech after turning off the lights in the PAC auditorium.  He had everyone take out their phones and turn on the flashlight/torch.  Then, by calling out categories of people he had them all extinguish their lights until there was one left.  He then compared the simulation to people who tried to raise themselves up by putting other people down (putting out their light) and said it would be much better if instead, we did the reverse and raised others up by sharing our light with them.  The Academic Honor Roll standards have been elevated this year and students on Director's List will now need to have no B's or below.  Also, the ceremony this year was expanded to highlight the Robotics Team that went to the World Championships last year under the guidance of Mr. Rios.