Student Leadership in Elementary School

Elementary School Student Leadership

Elementary School  - Student Representative Council (SRC)
Following the success of last year’s enlarged Student Representative Council we have continued with the same format. In an effort to give students a greater voice in their learning and their school community our SRC is comprised of 2 members from each class, making a grand total of 48 students for each semester. The meetings will be chaired by our 5th grade SRC leaders. These SRC leaders will ensure that all the voices are heard and ensure communication between the students and the administration of the school. Our SRC leaders for this year are:

.1 – Alec M

.2 – Salvatore G

.3 – Emil H

.4 – Elle H


Elementary School – Student Leaders
In addition to our SRC positions students in 5th grade have also been applying for other positions of responsibility.  These positions are a chance for older members of the elementary school to develop leadership skills and allow pupils to ‘give back’ to their school community. We believe that students need to experience duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community in order to help them prepare to play an active role as citizens.

# It’s not about me. #It’s about us.

A leader’s role is varied and to be awarded a position is considered to be a real privilege. The students have written letters, made videos and been interviewed for their positions.

The position not only allows older elementary students to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables younger students to learn from their older peers.

All leaders will be expected to:

  •      show exemplary behaviour and attitude.
  •      lead by positive example in terms of behaviour and academic achievement all of the time.
  •      follow the 5 Bees.
  •      act as ambassadors for the school.
  •      act as guides for visitors.
  •      help younger children to play and sort out minor arguments.
  •      be a buddy to lonely children.
  •      encourage all students to walk around the school sensibly.
  •      ensure that completing their role has a positive impact on their learning.

There are currently 4 groups of leaders although we are open to suggestions of new roles as the year and the programme develops.

The SRC leaders are senior leaders and are expected to be exemplary role models. Their responsibilities include:

  •      act as the Chair and Secretary of Student Representative Council.
  •      be the Elementary School’s official student representatives when required by the school.
  •      communicate with the student body, including in assemblies.
  •      act on behalf of students to initiate school improvements

Our Eco-leaders will champion ‘Green’ issues in the elementary school. In addition the roles of the other leaders they will be expected to:

  •      promote recycling within the school
  •      support the recycling and waste reduction efforts at lunchtimes
  •      work with the whole school eco-committee
  •      help to plan Earth Day activities

The POD Captains are the official pupil representatives of their POD.

They are expected to:

  •      encourage participation in POD events
  •      participate in POD events
  •      represent their POD at award ceremonies
  •      ensure a sporting attitude and fair play between their POD members and all members of the school community.
  •      communicate with the student body concerning the learning taking place in their POD

Our POD casters work together to share learning news from within the elementary school. The team comprises a presenter, a writer, camera operator and an editor/producer. The team is responsible for producing a PODcast including recorded and live action news from the elementary school to share with the wider community.

They are required to:

  •      research, write, present and produce each PODcast.
  •      share learning from within the Elementary School
  •      use their initiative to find stories to report.
  •      work with the ISP communication department

We wish all of our new leaders success throughout the coming year and look forward to them making ISP even better.

Here are all of our Elementary School Student Leaders:

SRC Leaders

.1 – Alec M
.2 – Salvatore G
.3 – Emil H
.4 – Elle H

POD Captains

Captain – Valentina M
Captain – Unai S

Captain – Felipe M
Captain – Catalina M

Captain – Andres V
Captain – Julie L

Captain – Jaden J
Captain – Phoebe P 

Eco Leaders

Saini C, Aalta A, Leire GS, Marc S, Annabelle S, Lillian M, Allegra S, Alice C, Karol J, Sydney N, Laura T, Eva B-A, Tomas G, Nicolas H, Jayesh K 


Federico R, Emily R, Vinicius L, Mateo N, Sarah V, Mauricio B, Miguel N, Guadalupe Q, Mariah T, Mikaela A, Juan Daniel R

SRC representatives

K.1 - Teresa C and Felipe S
K.2 - Ruth D and Miguel H
K.3 –  Sophia VT Andres Ignacio D
K.4 – Martina B and Juan B

1.1 – Omar J and Celine Y
1.2 – Anabella P and Matias M
1.3 – Manuela R and Lucas C
1.4 – Jose H and Emma R

2.1 – Bernardo C and Juan Cruz R
2.2 - Tomas P and Maria Gabriela Y
2.3 – Alexandra R and Ignacio M
2.4 – Sofia C and Diego E 

3.1 - Louise H and Jack F
3.2 – Leilani M and Mauricio M
3.3 - Maria Clara G and Benjamin A
3.4 – Maria Clara P and Jorge R 

4.1 - Samuel R and Alessa A
4.2 – Sophie T and Finley S
4.3 - Valentina Y and Renata G
4.4 – Andrea J and Valentina Z 

5.1 - Devereaux D
5.2 – Gabriel B
5.3 – Alexander Y
5.4 – Ana S