8th Grade Students Launch Independent Inquiries into Panamanian Studies

Panama is a nation of many stories. For students to independently build an understanding of how these many historical stories connect to their own lives and experiences, they are launching independent inquiry projects under the supervision of social studies teacher Mr. Galbally and Panamanian Studies teacher Mrs. Rovi. 
Lautaro N. reflected on the experience: "I'm learning about Panamana's many stories and how it became the way it is in the present. I am inquiring into historical rebellions, including how Panama gained its independence from Colombia."
"This is more about the information we find out on our own. It is something that we do ourselves and not just an experience where the teacher tells us."
Clara C. noted that "you don't just research online, you can also go out and explore, dive deep into concepts, speak to people and visit libraries. In doing this, we can see that Panama is truly special. It is a mix of lots of influences from around Latin America."
"I'm studying the Guna Yala people in general and gender roles and inequality in that society also. I like to research and inquire into this because you have to be independent and take the lead yourself."
Independent research will culminate in a Panamanian Studies Fair on December 5th. At this time, students will invite the community in to see the many things that have discovered. We will keep you posted regarding upcoming details for this event, and we remain excited to see where the students' lines of independent inquiry will take them.