Meet one of the Shrek stage managers

Annelle is one of three senior students who are busy running rehearsals for us at the moment for Shrek.  To be a stage manager, it is important to be able to work independently.  Stage managers have to take the initiative, be confident when working with younger students, and to have a great deal of patience when dealing with teacher directors!
"My name is Annelle and I chose stage management in this year's musical production because I have a passion for the arts, not only the performance aspect of it but also what goes behind them. I would call myself an aspiring director since I want to study Film once I get to University and having the chance to be stage manager for the second time is just a great opportunity for me to embody all the skills one must have in order to be a film director. Just like a director, a stage manager has to be patient, organized, has to take control, has to keep their cast and crew aware and most importantly they must be creative and passionate which is what I hope to become and achieve after this experience."
Shrek will be shown on November 22-25th 2018 in the ISP PAC.  See you there!