Building ideas...

Doug Bennett started his theatre career in 1979 producing a variety show for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.  He has a degree in theatre, an MA in storytelling and a MFA in theatre with an emphasis on technical direction, and has been teaching young people since 1986.

In between teaching middle and high school, Doug has been a professional storyteller, has taught adult Improv classes and taught set and lighting design at post-Secondary level at a number of colleges and Universities.  He has directed and acted in over fifty plays and has started his own theatre companies.

Doug says: ‘My philosophy of education is to be able to promote a student-centered educational environment that allows students to explore and discover theatre arts while I remain more as a facilitator to help students succeed in their theatre arts exploration.’

This is no more true than in his ISP stagecraft classes where students design and build the sets for school productions.  More recently, Doug has begun to share his skills with STEM and a number of student led inquiry projects.  Students come to Doug with their ideas and solutions, and he helps them to develop the skills to build what they need.  And he helps make sure it doesn’t fall down!