A 'beret' artistic morning to you!

Grade Six students presented to each other, their teachers and their parents on the morning of Wednesday October 3rd.  The morning began with a joint presentation between  Visual Art and French classes, where students presented art work inspired by French painters and shred their knowledge and understanding in French with their audience.  They also shared yummy cheese and crepes!
Up in the Black Box scenery was moved and music stands put up so that the excited audience could hear the work of the Grade 6 band, string group and choir.  Learning an instrument through a school class is so much more fun than learning on your own at home - and the ensemble skills that are developed are so much more valuable than just playing solo.  It was amazing to see these young people perform with such confidence and enjoyment, and we're all looking forward to charting their development over the year.
The morning ended with three immensely entertaining plays from the drama class.  Student adapted classic fairy tales for us, with characters of humour and wit, fast paced acting and dialogue and great use of sets and costumes.
Although all the teachers worked very hard to coordinate the morning, the biggest round of applause must go to our outstandingly creative Grade 6 students - we can't wait to see what you have for us next time!