Grade 1 learning-From "Me" to "We"

In our first Social Studies unit of the year, our Grade 1 students undertook learning about understanding "Our Place in the World."  The overarching goal for this unit was for students to use their learning to identify how they are authentic and compassionate members in a diverse world.
Starting with themselves, students built individual "Me-seums," composed of an array of items; from candy wrappers to soccer jerseys, family photos to stuffed animals.  Each person's Me-seum told a little bit about him or herself. We then mapped out connections, physically, by drawing and connecting to one another.  From that understanding, we worked together to build models, drawings, and examples of some specific ideas that unified small groups.  We shared these models in a "We-seum." Exhibits in the We-seum ranged from a world cup trophy, to a mini tennis court, small models of dinosaurs and journals about travel.  
Students enjoyed learning about others and sharing about themselves.  One student said he "was so surprised that so many other students like dinosaurs, like me!"  Another student expanded on his thinking; "we found so many connections that it showed us how to be friends."
Well done, Grade 1, on helping us all remember that our connections to one another are stronger and more important than the differences we all possess.