Middle School Prepares for PANAMUN

More than 30 middle school students stay after school each Tuesday with Mr. Galbally and Ms. Campbell to prepare for Panama Model United Nation (PANAMUN). They have lots to prepare for this year, as this is the first annual PANAMUN that will be hosting middle school specific committees.

8th grade student Abel R. shared his enthusiasm for this program: “ It is exciting because this year we get to host and meet  students from different countries and cultures here in Panama! We also for the first time get to experience PANAMUN just for middle school. We feel like a real team having 30+ kids from 6th 7th and 8th grades.”

Quetzalli, also from grade 8, added: “What I love about MUN is that we get to learn about different cultures and countries, and not only that, I can debate with other students which is always fun. I am also excited to see how well my hard work and effort pays off, so I can see my own potential. I really want to meet and listen to other students from around the world and see how things are similar or different.”

George M, a 6th grader, is new to the program and engaging with the elevated challenges that is brings. He reflected: “What I find interesting about MUN is that I am learning things that are on an adult level, and these topics can be really interesting. This year I feel like I have already met new people and made new friends. Plus we get to argue and debate, which is always fun.”

We look forward to seeing how all this excitement and preparation translates into a wonderful experience for MS students at PANAMUN!