Skating, Swimming, Tumbling! Middle School has Loads of Fun!!

Middle School celebrated the end of the quarter with each grade going off for a unique team building experience.


Sam H. reflected on the grade 8 experience: "We went to Club de Golf. We got to hang out in the social area where they had sports and a pool. Lots of different people played different games and we had the chance to talk with each other.”


Not only was this a fun event, it also afforded grade 8 the opportunity to build unity as a team. Sam continued: “It's important for us to have time outside of the classroom because it helps build up your grade as a team and you get to know each other better. You also get to know your teachers better and see them as a friend and not just as a teacher."


Alejandro R shared a similar experience from the grade 7 group: "We went to Rebounderz trampoline park as a whole group. We played unlimited games and we jumped on the trampolines. The whole place was just for us, which was super cool. Also, there was pizza which was awesome!” It's important for us to have activities like this so everyone can bond with each other. It's also a brain break, like a no stress zone for us to just get to know each other and have fun."


Grade 6 students claim they had the most fun of all! Auguste L. shared that  "We went to a roller skating rink. This was a lot of fun because I got to talk to people who are not in my classes and who I didn't already know. You also get to see your teachers having fun. We should do more activities like this because will get to know each other better and in different ways."


We look forward to opportunities for students to experience additional team building activities, both on campus here during advisory and off-campus for special day and overnight trips!