Middle School PANAMUN Participation on the Rise!

PANAMUN is one of ISP's proudest traditions. It has always involved all HS students, and engages ISP's community in issues regarding global diplomacy and problem solving. 
This year, the Middle School was proud to have record numbers of participants in this event. Additionally, it was the first year PANAMUN included international participants in Middle School specific committees. 
8th grade student Joshua G. reflected on the experience: "I enjoyed that many students came to ISP from different cultures, and that this was clearly expressed in the ways that delegates thought and acted. I believe the importance of PANAMUN is to share these multi-cultural differences in order to attain different viewpoints on certain situations."
Joseph J., a fellow grade 8 student, discussed what this experience meant to him: "This experience was an interesting one because this time we got the chance to represent a delegation of a country regarding major issues. For example, I represented the delegation of India in discussions regarding the Human Rights Council. We discussed about digital privacy, freedom of speech and the recruitment of child soldiers."
Clarice B., also from grade 8, added her thoughts on why it was important to have, for the first time, middle school specific committees. She noted: "It was cool because we got to meet new people and, in the end, we came up with very good resolutions that were relevant to real life situations. We discussed issues as in the UN Security Council, and my delegation of Colombia advocated for solutions to human trafficking and gang violence."
We are pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate increased Middle School participation in PANAMUN and we look forward to future successes from this program, including an international MUN trip scheduled for this Spring.