The Dolphins return from AASCA Basketball

Not only were we traveling with both a boys and girls team for the first time in four years, we were also the only school participating from Panama! Despite representing 12 different nationalities, the 19 ISP student athletes were proud to follow the Panama flag during the opening ceremony. 

Both teams provided a solid performance showing during the tournament. The girls fought with spirit and enthusiasm against some experienced and talented opposition. The girls played a total of 5 games and faced teams from Honduras (EIS), Guatamala (CIG) and Costa Rica (Lincoln, CDS and PAS). Our girls team consisted of an 8th grader and the rest were in 9th or 10th grade. The ISP girls now have an idea of what AASCA looks like and are highly motivated to train hard and now begin preparation for the tournament next year.

The boys team were feared by many of the opponents after ISP's U18 boys having reached the semi finals of the Gold Division tournament in each of the past two tournaments. This year's group was very young with only one Junior in the team and the other ten players with at least two more years of eligibility in AASCA. The ISP boys gave a good account in what was the first AASCA tournament for 8 of the team. At our best, the boys could compete with the best teams in AASCA. There is a lot of potential in this group of players who finished with a record of:
* ISP 23-37 CIG (Guatemala)
* ISP 37-41 AIS (Costa Rica)
* ISP 30-40 EAS (El Salvador)
* ISP 52-48 AIS (Costa Rica)
* ISP 28-33 Village (Guatemala)
* ISP 41-45 CAG (Guatemala)
The experience of traveling as a team and staying together for five days will be valuable in developing the teamwork and mentality needed to excel at this level.