Near Space Program Ready for Launch !

This year’s mission is named Capsule CW-1 in loving memory of our lovely Catherine Wright.

The Near Space Program team will be conducting their regular measurements of atmospheric conditions. On this occasion, they have prepared an experiment to observe and study how atmospheric pressure affects seed germination.

Students in the engineering team will be using a new method this year. Rather than transmitting their data via radio signal to receivers on the bus below, and then uploading the data to servers in England, the capsule will now transmit directly to the Iridium satellite network. This is a significant evolution in the use of technology for this student lead project. We are the first school in the region to use this technology, with all the equipment designed, built, and calibrated by our stellar students.

The team will also launch an application for data management. This portal, also created by students, will allow them to track the entire operation collecting data from the sensors, review landing forecast and monitor the flight track.

Having this platform also means that other research institutes and universities will also be able to monitor our mission. These include the University of Pennsylvania, GasaSat from Spain and others.

You can also follow the mission here. Please be advised the link will be live for the launch tomorrow November 17, 2018. The 

The NSP team would like to thank ISP for their trust, confidence, and support in this project. Launching a capsule into space is perhaps one of the best examples of the learning adventures students can experience at ISP. Special thanks to Mr. Monson, Mr. Mattiace, the HS Science Department, Erika Arauz, HS Office, ISP Parents, PTA, ISP Administration, Maintenance Dept, ISP nurses and all the ISP dolphins who support this project and help us make approaching space a reality at ISP.

All systems go!