Support our Sister School

For many years, we have supported the school at Christmas time by providing food boxes for the families. When we visited we noticed that these children were not as lucky as us and we would like to support them and their families, at a time when we have so much.

This year we are asking each class to put together two food boxes for the children at the school in El Valle.

We have included a list of suggested items - please make sure that the food is non-perishable, we are also hoping that each class will put messages inside the boxes for the children and their families.

We will be visiting them again at the beginning of December to take the food boxes and we want to make sure that they have some nice things to celebrate the holidays with.

On behalf of the families at La Mesa school, El Valle - thank you.

Unai, Valentina, Felipe, Catalina, Andres, Julie, Jaden and Phoebe

5th grade POD captains

  •    Rice 5 lb bag
  •    Canned Guandu
  •    Canned Vegetables (carrots, peas,beans, mixed vegetables)
  •    Pineapple Juice
  •    Brown Sugar
  •    Canned Ham
  •    Tuna
  •    Cooking Oil
  •    Tomato Paste
  •    Pasta (dry)
  •    Special Treat (cookies, candy canes, healthy snacks, Fruit Cake )
  •    Dishwashing liquid/soap
  •    Salt/Pepper

*All products need to be non perishable