United Nations - World Children's Day

On Monday, all 48 members of the Student Representative Council, worked together to share with the Elementary School information about  UN World Children's Day.
The assembly began with a video sharing some of the languages spoken by children and staff at ISP. 
Click here to view: https://youtu.be/5Uz_SKD9tGo
The focus of the assembly was on children and education around the world. Not all children are lucky enough to attend school, despite this being part of the UN charter on children's rights. This charter was developed by UNICEF to define what rights all children should have. The SRC presented information about the difference between rights, wants and needs and also some facts about the numbers of children for whom this is still a struggle. 

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states the rights of all children under the age of 18.

All children have the right to:

- Be cared for

- To protection from harm

- To participate

- To be free to express themselves

- To education and play

- To Survival and Development

- And to rehabilitation and care

The SRC then shared some facts about children around the world. Did you know that 168 million have to work instead of attending school? or that 5.4 million children die before they reach school age?

These facts and others set the ES thinking about what they could do. During morning meeting on Tuesday, every child wrote a promise onto a paper chain that is now displayed outside the ES office.

Come and see what the children would like to change about their world.


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