Middle School Spanish Students Host Visiting Author

Carlos Oriel Wynter is a leading Panamanian author who has published many volumes of short stories as well as novels. He was selected as one of the 39 most important authors under the age of 39 in Latin America and regularly represents Panama on the international literary stage. 
His visit came at the culmination of a project in which students represented authors from around Latin America. These representations included embodying the author in question and presenting autobiographical information as if the student had become the authors themselves. 
Simon R. had the opportunity to present the works of Carlos Oriel Wnyter to the class, making his visit particularly impactful. Simon reflected on the experience: "I had the chance to learn a lot about my selected author. I learned more by doing the presentation and having him visit than I would have from a traditional test. I had to do my own research and take direction on finding the things I wanted to."
He continued: "This will be something that I remember because I connected with things that I like. It wasn't just saying 'hey, you have to study and memorize this.' It was particularly cool to have him come visit because his life has been interesting and I can relate to it in many ways."
We look forward to future presentations of this kind, including our mes de la patria celebrations, Spanish language drama and our dia de la poesia in the Spanish department second semester.