Shrek Success for the PTA VAPA Committee

This is my family’s third year at ISP and all of my three children have been involved in multiple musicals and drama performances. I can tell you that my kids would not have figured out their passion for the arts without this amazing program and the teachers that have encouraged them.  My son Logan (8th grade) was one of the lead roles in the high school and middle school production of Les Miserable last year and was the Big Bad Wolf in Shrek this year.  Logan has decided that he wants to continue in Music Theater programs and wants to be a theater teacher as his career.  My daughter Emma is working with Ms Ella Faulkner after school on perfecting fashion design through art.  Ms Faulkner is teaching Emma the body depth for fashion.  ISP VAPA programs have changed my children’s life and I am truly grateful. 

This year has been super busy for the VAPA department. ISP got our wonderful new VAPA director Jen Tickle.  We also had a first very successful Costume Sale at the ArtFEST in October.  VAPA was able to sell some of our old costumes from past performances just in time for Halloween.  Our high school and middle school students performed Shrek the Musical with a huge support from the community with full audiences every night. Shrek the musical had over 83 middle school and High school students that were involved. Shrek the Musical had a live orchestra conducted by Mr. James Temple. Then this week we had auditioned for the Elementary School musical Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz will have over 70 cast members. I am so happy that so many of our elementary students are excited to be in this production.  I am personally ecstatic to follow Dorothy on her adventure on the yellow brick road to Oz.

 ISP is the only school in Panama that has IB diploma in all art programs.  VAPA department has worked really hard to grow and have teachers that encourage the department to grow. This year we now have started a string orchestra and full band, these kids stay after school on Wednesdays afternoon this year has the ISP will be hosting the AMIS festival in May. AMIS has never been hosted in Central America. ISP will get to host over 100 different students around of the world.  We are asking 50 ISP families to host at least 2 students in their homes. This festival will focus of the music and chorus skill and will have a performance for the end of the clinic. If you are interested in being a host family for this event please sign up on the Google form in the Dolphin Dispatch.

I am so grateful to be the PTA VAPA chairperson and working with the amazing VAPA department. If you do not know me, I am loud dramatic person. I encourage anyone that wants to participate in the VAPACommittee or in any other arm of the PTA to contact us at