6th Grade Social Studies Shares Learning Online

Middle School Social studies teacher Mr. Geoff has taught the history and geography of Africa for many years. This year, he got to see student learning in this area brought to life through collaboration with tech integrationist Ms. Megan.


Together, these teachers put together an inquiry-based project utilizing Google Sites. Each student created his/her own travel website where they uploaded images and videos, created navigational structures for the site, and integrated dynamic content.



The project had a rubric for the students to follow to ensure all requirements were met for the project. The grade 6 students grasp the technology quickly and went on to produce some outstanding representations of the learning experience.


Here's what some of the students had to say about this Project.


Lina: “I thought this was a new experience about Africa and the culture...I enjoyed it, making a website helped me organize my information better.”


Jose:" I liked the experience because I learnt new things that I could do with Google Sites."


Constantin: “Technology helped me to present learning about the traditions and cultures of Africa”.


Gabriela .” It was easy to use because the teacher provided great instructions, and helped us if we were unsure how to do something so You could complete the site for the  project”


Isabella:” It helps me to be prepared for the future learning how to use different technology...especially with my research and to develop Google Forms. It also helps when I use technology as it makes it easier to understand."