Catching up with Alum Ricardo Rodriguez

 What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 2015 (shout outs to the best prom).

How long were you in ISP

I entered in 9th grade, so I spent all of my high school in ISP.

What's your fondest memory what do you miss the most?

The first thing that comes to mind is one of the first P.E. classes I had in ISP. I had just moved from Venezuela, and didn’t know many people. During that P.E. class, I got paired up with a guy called Jason (I didn’t know him very well) to do some push up shenanigans. We kicked it off pretty well, joking around and motivating each other, and before you knew it, we became best friends. In fact, to this day I very proudly still call him my best friend. Even with the 13+ hour difference from being by the other side of the globe, I still keep in touch with him and have had opportunities to meet with him and other very close friends (shout outs to my boys Cris, Mathieu, and the mighty Blots).

I do have to say that I also miss all of my friends from all different grades. I always had a story to share with many, whether it be through music, games, cross country, debate etc. and I’m glad I’ve also had the chance to see many of them after graduating. 


What are you doing now? Where do you go to school? How long have you been there?

I’m currently pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree in Penn State Behrend, the Erie College. This is my third and last year in college since I transferred there after attending FSU Panama for a year. I’m also currently president of the Model UN organization on campus for the second year in a row, while also acting as vice president for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers chapter on my campus.

Do you feel ISP helped prepare you?

I think the most vital piece of college preparation from ISP was the IB Diploma Programme. The rigorous and more independent nature of the IB coursework helped me build a stronger foundation for college. Not to mention, it also helped me get used to the struggle and demanding challenges that college throws at you. I was also able to better develop and flesh out my English proficiency as a result of the predominance in English classes (and other extracurricular activities), which has also been vital for college in the states.

What passions from ISP have you carried over to university life?

The biggest one would probably be debate and public speaking. I’m really grateful that PANAMUN is incorporated into the school calendar and that those days take predominance over coursework to focus on debate. The exposure to a more international community, networking, the empowerment of speech, diplomacy, motivating others and negotiating to find multilateral solutions with others are things that I’ve carried over as I develop myself personally and professionally. I have also implemented many of these within internships and other professional opportunities.

What next for you???

It’s a little bit uncertain. I’ve already better established a clearer vision of the career path I want to follow, so it all comes down to continuing my job search and identifying the best opportunities to achieve my personal goals. Staying hopeful but open to the future ahead, and hopefully next time I’m around ISP, I’ll have a clearer answer on this haha!


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