Student Ambassadors Welcome New Middle Schoolers

Student ambassadors are middle school student leaders who are trained to welcome and help new students adapt and integrate into the school. This is accomplished through meetings to plan for the new students' arrivals, activities to ensure they integrate smoothly, and special lunches to make connections. 
On their first day, new students follow an ambassador's schedule. This allows new students to find out where everything is located under the guidance of an experienced student. It also allows them to make connections before delving in fully to academics. 
Andreina C. - an eighth grade student who has been an ambassador for three semesters - reflected on the experience: "When I first entered the school, I came in January. I was able to make friends, but it was a difficult experience at first. I joined the ambassadors program so that everyone would feel welcome, so that I could be paired with a special buddy, and so that I could help all new students to feel happy with the school from day one." 
Emilio Q. - a seventh grade student who has been an ambassador since coming to middle school - added his thoughts on the experience: " It's important to me because I like helping new people. Like it says in the golden rule, treat others as you would have them treat you. I like to make friends with new students, so I can treat them well and they can treat me well in return. It also makes it better for them to have a group of friends and not feel lonely."
As an international school we do have many students who attend ISP from pre-K until graduation, but we also have a significant group of students who come and go each year. It is thanks to the hard (and fun!) work of student ambassadors - under the direction of Ms. Restrepo our middle school counselor - that these transitions are made smoothly. Thanks to each of them for their compassion and dedication, and we look forward to a great second semester for all students - new and returning.